Snickers Stretch Trousers

What’s the idea behind the new Snickers Stretch Trousers?

Although we want workwear that is smart, practical and durable we must remember that on many jobs we are expected to be contortionists; stretching, crawling and bending into the tightest of spaces. So, freedom of movement is also just as important. The Snickers 3 Series Trousers were cut to give extra fabric in the thighs and seat to allow for that. However, not everyone has big thighs and legs and to those people, these could be a tad too baggy. So, the 6 series trousers were born and from that new slimmer cut range came the Stretch range of Snickers Work Trousers.

Surely a skinny style would split with the pressure on it when kneeling and crawling?

Slimmer doesn’t mean skinny. We needed a more fitted cut trouser that suited tradespeople who found the 3 series way too baggy and the standard 6 series not quite slim enough – yet still have all the features required in a pair of Snickers trousers, including freedom of movement. This was achieved by adding four-way stretch panels at precisely the right places – where the pressure on the garment is at its most intense. However, that alone wasn’t enough. You also had to make sure the fabric in the rest of the garment could work with the movement the elastane allowed. So, a 2-way stretch was made from a cotton and polyester elastane mix – not as flexible as the 4-way stretch panels but with enough flexibility to work with them.

OK but sizing? How does that work?

That does get a little more difficult. You see a different cut changes its whole fit, just like the differences found in two makes of jeans. The general rule of thumb is to go up at least one size and in the case of those of you with larger calves, legs and thighs maybe up 2 sizes. However, if you keep the tags on and make sure the garment is resaleable we at are happy to exchange a returned pair for another size.

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