Snickers 9217 LiteWork, 37.5 Mid Socks

Snickers 9217 LiteWork, 37.5 Mid Socks

£11.75 (£14.10 inc. VAT)

Lightweight mid socks that offer superior cool comfort during intense work and in warmer conditions. Advanced design and 37.5® technology combine to keep your feet cool, dry and ventilated.

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Extremely quick-drying fabric in the sole, featuring 37.5® technology that captures and releases moisture vapour for superior cool and dry working comfort
Reinforced toes and heels for enhanced durability
Terry dots offer malleolus protection on both sides
Left and right shaped for optimal fit
Air channels and mesh structure in hot spots provide extra ventilation to keep your feet dry and comfortable
Material: 40% Polyamide, 39% 37.5®, 19% Polypropylene and 2% Elastane. Features high-tech, patented 37.5® technology with millions of permanently embedded active particles