Hultafors Flexible Knife FXK

Hultafors Flexible Knife FXK

£4.80 (£5.76 inc. VAT)

Craftsman’s knife with a flexible blade adapted to work where a bendable blade is required such as removing paint and silicone from surfaces or where a thin blade is desired. It features a unique function for attaching the holster around a button on your work clothes so that it does not come loose whilst still being easy to remove.

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The blade is made from 0.8 mm Japanese carbon steel that is very flexible and has been hardened to 58–60 HRC.
The cutting edge has been sharpened in several stages, with a final honingon a leather strop.
Both the handle and holster are made from super-durable PP plastic.
The holster can be attached to both a belt and a button on your work clothes.If your belt is thick, cut away the small pin on the cover.
Flexible knife FXK fits in the same holster as HVK.