Snickers Women's Range

Snickers Women’s Range

There’s no doubting the ability of females in the building trade. Statistics show that a good percentage of UK customers prefer to use female tradespeople.

Rightly so – they have the same access to high quality tools and materials that men do, but when it comes to workwear that’s comfortable, durable and professional it becomes a minefield that many manufacturers find hard to navigate.

Snickers have spent years looking and listening to what Female builders want and not quite getting it 100% right when all the time the replies were always the same.

Exactly the same features the Men’s range has but with a cut for the female shape…. Not rocket science is it!!

Well ” By Jove I Think They’ve Got It “

Ladies let us introduce you to a range of garments that have all the features Snickers are reknown for in the latest cofortable fabrics and in a cut that works with you.

Trousers with a slimmer fit and a stretch fabric to allow for movement without excess rolls of fabric.

Jackets in the latest 37.5 fabrics to help keep your body at the optimum temperature.

Shell jackets that are lightweight with one being waterproof, plus Hi Viz garments to keep you “Safe and Seen”

Ladies – Happy Shopping


 SnickersUK’s Female Boss