Snickers Socks

Snickers Socks

Designed in Sweden to cope with the toughest enviroments when wearing all types of safety footwear

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    Snickers 9213 AllRoundWork Wool Socks | 2 Pack

    Thin and comfortable Merino wool socks that keep your feet warm and fresh in all kinds of everyday working conditions. The socks combine amazing fit and great comfort with excellent functionality. 2-pack.

    £7.95 (£9.54 inc. VAT)
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    Snickers 9211 AllRoundWork Basic Socks | 3 Pack

    Soft, comfortable and durable basic socks designed for everyday use. A great choice for allround work. 3-pack.

    £7.95 (£9.54 inc. VAT)
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    Snickers 9218 LiteWork 37.5 Low Socks | Snickers Socks

    Light, quick-drying low socks that keep you cool, dry and ventilated when working hard or in warmer conditions. Featuring 37.5® technology and advanced design for outstanding cool working comfort.

    £9.99 (£11.99 inc. VAT)
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    Snickers 9202 Wool Mix Mid Socks | Snickers Socks

    Stay warm and fresh in the ultimate wool-blend socks for hard working feet. Advanced design with foot bump protection, moister transportation and anti-bacterial treatment ensure superior working comfort.

    £11.50 (£13.80 inc. VAT)
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    Snickers 9217 LiteWork 37.5 Mid Socks | Snickers Socks

    Lightweight mid socks that offer superior cool comfort during intense work and in warmer conditions. Advanced design and 37.5® technology combine to keep your feet cool, dry and ventilated.

    £11.75 (£14.10 inc. VAT)
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    Snickers 9203 Wool Mix High Socks | Snickers Socks

    Warmth and protection with every step. Amazing wool-blend high work socks, featuring advanced design with shin support, foot bump protection and anti-bacterial treatment for superior working comfort.

    £12.30 (£14.76 inc. VAT)
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    Snickers 9215 AllRoundWork 37.5 Wool Mid Socks | Snickers Socks

    High-tech everyday wool mid socks with amazing fit and advanced functionality. Combining Merino wool and 37.5® technology, these socks offer excellent thermoregulation and comfort during everyday work in cold conditions.

    £13.95 (£16.74 inc. VAT)
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    Snickers 9206 RuffWork Cordura Wool Socks | 2 Pack

    Heavy-duty Cordura® wool socks that combine amazing fit with reinforced functionality. Put them on and experience superior warmth and durable working comfort in demanding environments.

    £15.95 (£19.14 inc. VAT)
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    Snickers 9210 High Heavy Wool Socks | Snickers Socks

    Forget cold feet. With these outstanding heavy wool socks, you can. High, thick, soft, reinforced and with a superior wool terry quality for extremely warm working comfort.

    £19.95 (£23.94 inc. VAT)
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    Solid Gear Ultra Thin Wool Socks | SG30007

    Solid Gear Ultra Thin Wool is a sock that is designed to provide maximum breathability. Supporting the Achilles tendon and ventilation zones on upper foot makes them really comfortable. The seamless toe reduces the risk of chafing and the thin cushion underneath provides comfortable cushioning.

    £9.50 (£11.40 inc. VAT)
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    Solid Gear Compression Socks | SG30001

    Exceptional woven texture and thicker material at the toes, instep and heel provides shock absorption. A comfortable cuff keeps Solid Gear Compression Sock steadily in place just below the knee. Graduated compression and ventilation increases your performance. Tight fit around the ankle and calf. Flat unnoticeable seam in the toe to provide the highest comfort. Solid Gear Compression Sock improves blood circulation, shortens the time that your muscles need to recover from working or training sessions and provides comfortable support for long hikes.

    £14.95 (£17.94 inc. VAT)
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    Solid Gear Extreme Performance Winter Socks | SG30006

    Solid Gear Extreme Performance Winter is according to us the ultimate winter sock. We have combined the best materials with the latest and most advanced technology in sock manufacturing. The heat-regulating and moisture wicking merino wool in combination with extra padding in the sole of the foot provides stated of the art insulation and comfort. The best quality merino wool makes it perfect for those with frozen toes or cold days. The nice fit with the wide cuff keeps socks comfortably in place. Adapted from the right and left foot for a perfect fit.

    £15.00 (£18.00 inc. VAT)
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    Solid Gear Performance Winter Socks | SG30005 | 2 Pack

    Solid Gear Performance Winter 2-pack is a soft and warm sock for really cold winter days. It is made of merino wool and provided with a thicker bottom, which gives great insulation and comfort. The sock is also reinforced in the shaft for extra protection when wearing high winter boots.

    2 Pack consists of 1 pair in Black and 1 pair in Grey

    £16.50 (£19.80 inc. VAT)
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    Solid Gear Active Socks | SG30004 | 3 Pack

    Solid Gear Active sock 3-pack is a sock with extra cushioning in heel and toe. The sock is knitted in the highest quality and has an ergonomic fit. Moisture and odor repelling material. Add to that, the sock is very soft and flexible, which helps prevent blisters and sores and calluses.

    £17.50 (£21.00 inc. VAT)
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    Solid Gear Heavy Thermo Winter Socks | SG30002

    Solid Gear Heavy Thermo Winter is a warm winter sock in merino wool. Merino wool is a natural moisture carrier, which keeps you dry and comfortably warm in any weather. Solid Gear Heavy Thermo Winter is reinforced in the heel and toe to increase wear resistance. Merino wool allows the sock to dry quickly, eliminates odor and itch.


    £17.98 (£21.58 inc. VAT)