Where’s my coat?

So according to the weather forecast, September 1st is the start of Autumn.

The evenings are getting darker a little earlier and the nights and early mornings are definitely turning.

So in the UK, the cry will soon be ringing out “I need a coat “ But do you really?

Say you go out and buy a thick waterproof coat – This will be great when it’s bitterly cold and raining. But what about the days when it’s cold and not raining? Or raining and warm? Or it starts off cold then warms up, then rains, then stops, then gets cold again? Well this is an average October day in the UK!

That’s why Snickers being Swedish promotes the idea of layering.

If you have spent your hard-earned wages on a Snickers Hoodie you want to be able to use it.

Putting on a full coat means it’s unlikely you will be comfortable with your hoodie on also. So it doesn’t get the wear it’s designed for.

So layer up! Use your Hoodie all Autumn and Winter and add a layer when you need it.

If it’s bitterly cold, put Snickers Base Layers underneath your hoodie.

If it’s dry but windy add a Snickers 1900 Litework Windbreaker Jacket.

If it’s raining add a 1303 AllroundWork Waterproof Jacket

And this is the clever bit – If the wind drops – take the Windstopper Layer off.

If it stops raining – take the WaterProof Shell Jacket off.

It’s hard enough to work on a miserable dark November day, so the least you owe yourself is to be comfortable.

Like we always say here at, look how long you are in your workwear each day!!

Layer up and be in control!

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