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fast checkout

Online shopping should be quick and easy from start to finish. Here at, we have launched our new Fast Checkout to make your online shopping experience pain free.

You can now log in using either your PayPal, Amazon, Google, Facebook or Twitter accounts. As these options are used on a daily basis by most of us, the log-in details and passwords are much easier to remember!


You can use any of these logins and will only have to enter your delivery address for the first time ordering. After ordering, your address is saved on the website so the next time you log in using your chosen sign-in option, all your details will be loaded automatically.


If you've already registered on the website, you can either login with your email address and password OR you can choose to log in through PayPal, Amazon, Google, Facebook or Twitter. If the email address for the option you choose is the same as the one already registered at, then your details will appear automatically. If not, then again, just enter the address you require manually and this will be stored for future use.

You will also see at the checkout that there is an option for you to change your delivery address and invoice address. Once you've entered addresses on the website, they will be saved for next time you order.