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Snickers Workwear Trousers FAQs

With so many different styles how is a Tradesman supposed to know which fabric is best for him?
Years ago as a rule of thumb “Duratwill” was mainly used by Plumbers, Window Cleaners, Gardeners etc. as the Nylon on the outside allowed it to dry quickly when it got wet. The “Canvas +” came along as an alternative but in having a lot less nylon it was thicker and a little more rugged looking without the sheen of the Duratwill. Electricians, Carpenters and Roofers took to this straight away as an alternative to the “Duratwill”. Floor layers “Rip Stop” Trousers where designed obviously for Floor layers but were also taken up by Bricklayers as the extra fabric on the thigh helped when Snapping Bricks or Blocks rested on it. Add to this the Summer Fabrics of 200g “Rip Stop” And 195g “CoolTwill” Plus other more specialised fabrics and it now becomes more about personal taste as all will do a job and project the correct image.

    3211-thumb.png     3212-thumb.png     3213-thumb.png    

But now there's even more Trousers? What’s the "Next Generation" range about?
Snickers launched the new "Next Generation "6" series Trousers" back in 2015. The main difference being the cut. As opposed to the loose fitting "3" series the "Next Generation" range is a more modern fitted cut. You see although we are all different sizes we are also different shapes and the extra fabric in the thigh and the rear of the "3"series could make them a little baggy for some.


But will that make them to tight when kneeling and crawling around?
Of course this had to be considered during the design stages. So Snickers cleverly added a Stretch Fabric at the stress points which enables the same freedom of movement that the looser "3" series offered, but without the excess fabric.

So what's with the names FlexiWork RoughWork AllRoundWork and LightWork?
These are families!! Snickers named the different trousers to allow other comparative products to be added to each different family. Each name says exactly what the garment's design is. FlexiWork has the most stretch fabric. RoughWork is exceptionally hard wearing. AllRoundWork is for when your working environment changes during the day and LightWork 37.5 keeps your body at the optimal working temperature when warm. You will see more and more garments being added to each family throughout the year.

I've worn "3" series Trousers for years, is there a like for like "6" series Trouser?
Not exactly. You see the "Next Generation" range incorporates the latest design technology that wasn't around when the "3" series was launched. However, there are possible comparisons that can be made between Duratwill & AllRound Work, Canvas+ & RoughWork and Cooltwill & LightWork. The FlexiWork pretty much stands alone as the flagship Next Generation Trouser as there is nothing to compare this garment to.

So choose a fabric you like that fits well?
Exactly – just remember the different cuts between the 3 and 6 series, being a size 50 in a 3 series is not the same in the 6, so check the different sizing charts before ordering. And remember – Quality workwear is like a quality tool, the better you look after it the better it will perform!

So where's the best place to buy these from?
That's easy to answer

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